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1-Paint the background color first- your choice. (BLUE USED HERE FOR TEACHING, BUT USE YOUR BACKGROUND COLOR)

2-Now paint the dark gray areas on the face.

3-Now paint the light gray areas on the bunny. This is the underpainting. In the next steps , we'll build on it to create three dimensional fur and texture.

4-lighten the grays and add short strokes for texture (over the under painting). Let some of the darker underpainting show through the brush strokes.

5-Paint the eyes, and white reflections- let this step dry before adding the eye lashes.

6-Reshape your small brush by twisting the bristles into a nice clean point. Paint the lashes.

8- Paint the bowtie, then add a touch of black to the green to add the shadows. YOU DIDI IT! Sign your name in the right hand corner!

7-Paint the pink areas, ears, nose, cheeks, Use your small brush to paint the whiskers.

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