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with lavender, honey, lemongrass and pink Himalayan salt.



If you are interested in soap making but a little nervous about the process, our melt and pour soap is the perfect solution for you.


With our Natural Goats Milk soap base, saponification has already taken place. This means that there is no lye to handle. 

This  Kit includes everything you need to make natural goats milk and honey soap.

We also have additional recipes available. Give us a call to personalize your kit. 


This kit contains a few different options and recipes to try.

Honey & Oat

Himalayan Salt

Lavender Oil

& Lemongrass

 Interestingly, adding Himalayan salt to the soap does not create a scratchy bar, instead, the salt creates a creamy and mild lather with a very light exfoliation, Himalayan salt used in this recipe is well known for its stimulating and soothing properties.

Raw honey is added as a natural antioxidant and humectant to moisturize the skin,

Lavender oil is a potent source of antioxidants- 

it is also a powerful antiseptic that can kill a range of common bacteria, and it's very soothing!

 Lemongrass can help stimulate blood flow and gives the skin a glow. 

The kit contains  2-pounds, makes about 8-10 chunky bars, includes a silicone and wood loaf mold to use again and again, a stainless steel soap cutter, lavender buds, essential oils, raw honey, pink Himalayan salt, and all-natural goats milk soap base.

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