Thank you for registering for  Pet Painting at 

The Tavern on Broadway

 16 Broadway, Newport, RI 

Your donation helps support RI SPCA  funds help provide  shelter and care for unwanted animals while The RI SPCA  is working diligently to find them new homes; and to promote humane treatment and appreciation of all animals through education and community outreach (Please note that no pets are allowed at the event.) 

To create your pet silhouette please email one or two profiles of your pet.  We will then create a template for your painting. Important: please include your name and your pet's name.

If you have more than one pet and want to send separate photos, we can Photoshop them into one composition.  

Best results are with standing side view or back shots.

Please email or text photo to Wine & Paint Night:       401-363-2787  (text)


We look forward to a night of fun and creativity!  

Thank you!